Drug Defense Lawyer in Calgary

Whether you have been charged with possession of drugs or drug trafficking, you need a drug defense lawyer in Calgary who is familiar with the local laws and who will guide you to the best possible defence. There are several lawyers available in the city who have handled hundreds of drug cases and know what to look for in a drug case.

Andre Ouellette is a lawyer who specializes in criminal defence. He has extensive experience in dealing with the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and has successfully represented many clients against drug charges. He is an expert in charter of rights litigation and challenges unlawful searches by police. He has also helped many clients beat weapons offences. He can also refer clients to counseling to help mitigate sentences.

Cory Wilson is a Calgary criminal defence lawyer who has handled a number of high profile cases and has an outstanding record of success. He has represented clients throughout the province of Alberta and has defended drug, DUI, homicide, kidnapping, and fraud cases. He has been involved in some of the This website biggest drug seizures in Canadian history. He has also successfully defended importation, production, and multi-kilo trafficking cases. His firm has a strong presence in Saskatchewan and is also a member of the Association of Defence Counsel of Saskatchewan. He is available to discuss all criminal matters.

Joel Chevrefils is a Calgary criminal defence lawyer who specializes in drug possession and trafficking. He has been defending clients in the Alberta court system since 2004. He has also represented clients in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. He has successfully defended all types of drug offences, including possession, trafficking, importation, and manufacturing. He has also successfully defended domestic assaults. He accepts Legal Aid of Alberta certificates.

Sean Fagan has also successfully defended many drug prosecutions in Alberta and has assisted in the successful defence of drug cases in Saskatchewan and Ontario. His expertise is also useful for other criminal matters, including assault, sexual interference, child pornography, and drug trafficking. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Canadian Association of Criminal Lawyers. He has represented clients in the Criminal Code and Alberta Courts of Appeal. He has handled drug cases that have involved a range of factors, including wiretaps, homicides, aggravated assaults, kidnapping, and drug trafficking.

Alain Hepner Q.C. is a criminal defence lawyer in Calgary who only takes cases against the state. He is also a member of the American College of Trial Lawyers and has appeared before administrative tribunals, the Alberta Review Board, and the Law Society of Alberta. He has also appeared in all levels of court and has a record of success. He has also appeared in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Toronto. He has also appeared in the Supreme Court of Canada.

In addition to criminal defence, the firm also offers immigration services. Its website has easy-to-understand descriptions of each of its services. They also offer free consultations. They accept Legal Aid of Alberta certificates and provide 24/7 client support. Whether you are in Calgary or Toronto, Defence Law is ready to help you.