Enhancing Safety: Anti-Slip Tarmac Markings for Improved Surfaces

Using specialist paint coatings can improve the slip resistance of existing tarmac surfaces. These can be painted onto playgrounds and sports surfaces to help with safety and give them a new lease of life. These anti slip tarmac markings are often sprayed on in bright colours which make them easy to see and help children and adults to stay safe while playing or using the surface. The process is also carried out on roads, car parks, pathways, cycle lanes, bus stops and crossings to aid pedestrian and vehicular safety.

We use an epoxy resin based anti slip paint to recoat existing tarmac and asphalt surfaces. This is a quick and easy to use product which is designed for ease of application with a quality result. It is available in a wide range of bright colours and has excellent abrasion resistance. The product is UV stable and can be used on new or existing bare asphalt / tarmac.

Another great solution for a tarmac nonĀ anti slip tarmac markings surface is to install an anti skid surfacing product such as ULTIGRIP. This is a long lasting, durable textured surface that can be a cost effective alternative to a cold mix asphalt. It is designed to improve the safety of traffic and pedestrians on high risk locations such as road junctions, bends and corners. It can be installed quickly and is suitable for a number of traffic types including HGVs.

A common problem we find with tarmac surfaces is moss and algae growth. This client had a tarmac driveway that had become overgrown with moss and algae. This had been a significant issue for them as the moss and algae were a slip hazard for people walking over it. The moss had also caused damage to the drainage system underneath the tarmac.

This tarmac had had anti slip paint coatings applied to it in the past which had been successful at reducing the problem, however, after some time the moss and algae had returned and had begun to grow again. The client decided that they would like to consider other options such as resin bonded stone in order to eradicate the moss and algae problems and provide an alternative to expensive resurfacing work. This would have provided a much more cost effective solution in the long term. A full site survey was carried out and a quote provided for the client to review before proceeding with any works.