Eye Doctor College Station

The eye doctor College Station from Crystal Vision Center cares about patients and their needs. This organization has sought and complied with BBB accreditation standards since 1985, showing current and potential patients their dedication to providing quality patient care before, during and after services are rendered.

Crystal Vision Center is state-licensed to diagnose and treat diseases, injuries, and disorders of the visual system and the eye. They can also identify related systemic conditions affecting the eyes and the surrounding structures.

The medical staff at Crystal Vision Center is comprised of highly-trained and experienced professionals. They provide the latest techniques and technology in the treatment of eye diseases, injuries, and disorders. This facility is accepting new patients by appointment only.

Megan White is an alumna of the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Houston College of Optometry, where she received multiple scholarships, honor societies, and student leadership roles. She has extensive experience in primary care, ocular disease, and children’s eye care. She enjoys tacos, dance, theatre, and hiking with her fellow longhorn-cougar-husband Cameron and their blue-heeler Korra. She is currently licensed to practice in Texas. She is a member of the American Academy of Optometry and the Texas Optometric Association.

Qualities of a Good Eye Doctor

A good eye doctor possesses expertise, empathy, and a commitment to patient care, ensuring a positive and reassuring experience.

How to Choose the Right Eye Doctor

Researching credentials, patient reviews, and specialties can help individuals find an eye doctor who meets their specific needs and preferences.

Eye Examinations

Comprehensive eye examinations encompass various tests and assessments to evaluate visual acuity and detect potential eye disorders.

Components of an Eye Examination

From visual acuity tests to retinal examinations, eye exams Crystal Vision Center eye doctor College Station assess various aspects of eye health and visual function.

Frequency of Eye Exams

The frequency of eye exams depends on factors such as age, medical history, and existing eye conditions, emphasizing the need for personalized care plans.

Eye Care Tips

Incorporating simple lifestyle changes and preventive measures can promote better eye health and reduce the risk of vision problems.