Hood cleaning is an important aspect of the health and safety of your restaurant’s staff

Hood cleaning is one of the most important things a restaurant needs to do in order to keep their kitchen and restaurant equipment in good working condition. Grease can build up in the hood, causing odors and poor ventilation. It also can damage certain parts of the hood. In addition, grease can be a fire hazard.

When a restaurant hires a hood cleaning service, they are hiring professionals who use nontoxic cleaning techniques. This prevents any harm to the elderly or other sensitive individuals. The workers will clean the fans, the duct work, and the plenum and other surfaces. A professional will then inspect the fans to ensure that they are working properly. They will also polish the backsplash and other surfaces.

Depending on the type of food you cook, the amount of grease you have, and how often you need to use the hood, you can have your hood cleaned by a hood cleaning service or by your own employees. Some kitchens have a more frequent need for cleaning than others, but you should have your hood cleaned at least quarterly to keep it in good shape.

Regardless of your location or what you cook, the best way to protect your hood and your kitchen from a fire is to schedule regular hood cleaning services. The Hood Cleaning National Fire Protection Association Standard 96 states that most commercial hoods should be cleaned every quarter. Cleanings can take a number of hours depending on the size of your kitchen and how many hoods and fans are in the system.

Before your hood cleaning company starts, you will want to remove all the fans and the baffle filters from the hood. Once the fans are removed, soak the filters in a degreasing solution for at least two hours. You should then scrub the inside of the hood with a soft-bristle brush.

The next step in hood cleaning is to remove the grease traps and pour them into a separate container. These traps are generally too large to run through the dish pit. After the hood is cleaned, the grease traps should be allowed to dry overnight.

Hood cleaning is an important aspect of the health and safety of your restaurant’s staff and guests. Not only can it reduce the risk of fires, but it can also save money. Your restaurant can benefit from better sales, fewer staff absences, and healthier employees. If you have a small kitchen or are worried about cleaning costs, consider hiring a hood cleaning service.

Most hood cleaners will provide a free estimate. Rates are based on how frequently you need the hoods cleaned. Some companies will provide last-minute cleanings at a fixed price, while others will quote by the hour. Be sure to ask about any additional charges.

When you are choosing a hood cleaning service, you will want to make sure they are licensed and insured. Some jobs require drug screenings or criminal background checks, as well as physical work.