Seismic Retrofitting Company Los Angeles

In Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, the threat of earthquakes is very real. If you have a home or business in this region you need to be aware of the danger and take steps to protect yourself and your property.

If your property is in a risky area, you need to consider retrofitting it with an earthquake-resistant foundation. This is a very important thing to do as many buildings are built on weak foundations which are more likely to fail in a major earthquake.

Fortunately, most foundations are healthy and should not require much work to repair before the building is retrofitted. But if the foundation is damaged then it may not offer much support in an earthquake.

Seismic Retrofitting Company Los Angeles

The city of LA is working hard to make the area safer from earthquakes, one way is by having buildings retrofitted with modern and sturdy materials. This is called seismic retrofitting and it can be done on residential, commercial or apartment complexes.

Some of the most vulnerable buildings in Los Angeles have what is called a “Soft Story”. These are buildings that were constructed retrofitting company los angeles before 1978 with wood frames and open front wall lines which create a soft story condition. These soft story buildings are especially vulnerable during earthquakes because of their flimsy first floors which serve as parking spaces.

In the past, these buildings were often prone to collapsing during earthquakes because of their flimsy construction and open front walls. Thankfully, the city has taken measures to reduce this risk by passing a law requiring these types of buildings to be retrofitted in order to prevent damage and loss of life and property during an earthquake.

As part of the mandatory retrofit program, these buildings will need to be strengthened by adding earthquake anchor bolts on their foundation and other necessary structural upgrades. These buildings can also be protected by installing an automatic gas shut off valve which automatically shuts off your natural gas if the city detects a significant earthquake.

These installations can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars but can save your family and property a lot of money in the event that you are affected by an earthquake.

Besides the safety benefits, these seismic retrofits can boost your homes value as well! People are always looking for the best quality when it comes to a house or building and if you can show that your house is well-built and safe from earthquakes then it will stand out among others in the same price range.

You should contact a professional soft story retrofit contractor to evaluate the condition of your building and decide whether it is worth the investment in strengthening your Soft Story structure with the proper retrofit.

This is a very important project to have in mind as you plan your building’s future and will save you a lot of headaches down the road. The city of Los Angeles has passed a law which requires most multi-story, wood-frame apartments to be retrofitted in order to better withstand a major earthquake. Hopefully you can find a good company to do this for you and get a Certificate of Compliance that proves your building is in compliance with the laws.