The Dark Side of Junji Ito at the Junji Ito Shop

With a career spanning over three decades, Japanese manga artist Junji Ito has sparked nightmares worldwide with his nightmarish stories. From body horror to cosmic horror, Ito takes mundane concepts and pushes them to the logical extreme to create an unnerving feeling that lingers long after reading his works. Whether you’re looking for a good scare or just want something to spook your friends, the Junji Ito Shop has just what you need.

The collection consists of 22 minute episodes that will bring you face to face with Ito’s grotesque and nightmarish characters. Some of his most popular work include Tomie, a series about an immortal girl who drives her stricken admirers mad with her unimaginable beauty; Uzumaki, a town cursed by spirals that manifest themselves in seashells, ferns, and whirlpools in water; or Gyo, where a strain of sentient bacteria control the lives of its inhabitants.

In addition to the series, Ito’s works have also been translated into various forms including anime, films, and video games. The anime adaptation of Tomie, for example, is one of the most terrifying and disturbing titles to ever be released. The horror anime features the girl of the same name who clones herself into different and terrifying forms to seduce men and then force them to carry out cruel acts. The original manga has over a hundred chapters and has been translated into English as well.

Another of Ito’s most popular works, the Long Hair in the Attic, is also a popular choice among fans of dark manga. This manga tells the story of a man who is haunted by memories from his childhood and eventually tries to escape from his past by going into an abandoned apartment building. The tenants in the building have a strange habit of putting long hair in the attic and the story goes on to describe the many horrors that ensue when this occurs.

This darker side of Junji Ito’s work can be found on our Junji Ito shirts and other merchandise which is available through our online store. We have a variety of designs that feature his creepy characters and some even depict scenes from his popular series. If you’re a fan of the character Tomie, for instance, we have a wide variety of Tomie shirts featuring her eerie clones.

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