The Ladah Foundation

The Ladah Foundation was formed on April 20, 1999. It is a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization.

The primary objective of The Ladah Foundation has been to provide charitable support and assistance in the form of scholarships to needy and deserving students. The Foundation granted its first scholarships in the academic year 2001/2002 when it gave one scholarship to a Palestinian student at Birzeit University and one scholarship to a Palestinian student at Bethlehem University. The number of scholarships has increased every year since then and by the start of the academic year 2007/2008 the Foundation has awarded a total of 44 scholarships to Palestinian students and established two scholarship endowments, one at Birzeit University and the other at Bethlehem University. With the support of our donors we hope to increase this number further in the years to come. Please help us meet our target by donating today.

The Ladah Foundation also provides humanitarian assistance, including medical assistance, to needy individuals and families. The first such humanitarian assistance was provided by the Ladah Foundation in the year 2001 when the Foundation gave a modest grant to the Four Homes of Mercy, a private (NGO) hospital for the handicapped which operates in the Jerusalem area and the Bethlehem area. Since then, The Ladah Foundation has been able to increase its support to the Four Homes of Mercy and has included families in need in the Jerusalem and Bethlehem areas through the kind assistance of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Jerusalem. The people we help will be grateful for your assistance.

The intended beneficiaries of the charity provided by The Ladah Foundation are refugees of war, victims of civil strife, and victims of present and past state and/or other discrimination. The specific population which is the target of the charity provided by The Ladah Foundation may change from time to time, while the criteria for need of assistance will remain as specified in the Trust document and briefly described above. At this time and under the current events in the Middle East, The Ladah Foundation has focused its assistance on the Palestinians, a population of refugees in their own homeland, who have experienced more than their share of suffering.

The Ladah Foundation will announce the availability of its charitable assistance, and solicit applications from beneficiaries who meet its criteria for need, among populations specifically targeted for assistance as intended by the Foundation. Certain Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) operating in various areas will also be contacted and requested to advertise the charity of The Ladah Foundation through the NGOs’ field offices. Certain colleges and universities will also be contacted to assist in the identification of prospective scholarship award recipients. The Ladah Foundation plans to describe its mission, charities, special projects and its targeted beneficiary population through this web site.

It is not intended nor foreseen that The Ladah Foundation will conduct any general public campaign for the solicitation of funds from the public at large. However, The Ladah Foundation will initiate private campaigns and special projects from time to time to raise funds from specific groups for specific charitable causes. The Foundation accepts, and may solicit, donations from friends and family members who subscribe to the objectives of the Foundation and its special projects.


Donations may be made by check to The Ladah Foundation and sent by mail to:

The Ladah Foundation
8807 Big Bluff Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89148-1419

Donations may also be made by wire transfer to the Foundations bank account.

The Foundation will acknowledge all donations by formal written receipts which donors can use for income tax deduction purposes.

All current activities of the Ladah Foundation are conducted by volunteers. All out-of-pocket costs incurred by the Foundation are borne by volunteers. Since the Foundation has no administrative overhead, all amounts contributed are allocated 100% to the Foundation’s charitable objectives.

The Ladah Foundation may be contacted by email at:

The Ladah Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt organization in the USA. The Foundation complies strictly with all guidelines issued by the US Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control, as these guidelines pertain to the transfer of funds to Palestinian individuals and/or entities.